Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Why Black Panther is Great. Also the Lion King

You know what NOBODY is talking about? Black Panther! It fixes most of the problems that have arisen with Marvel movies. JustWrite Just Did a video analyzing it going a bit indepth about what makes it so good and how it fixes a bunch of Marvel Movie tropes. I’m also pasting a youtube comment that is worth the read.


As for my thoughts. It was a great little Shakesperean movie that reminded me a bit of The Lion King. And, as Just Write points out, it’s strikingly similar in plot to Thor Ragnarok, but without the overuse of Bathos.

I’m not saying that Thor 3 was bad. I really enjoyed the movie, and it’s probably one of the ones that I will end up re-watching the most, since it’s such a good time... HOWEVER... it is the victim of being extremely funny to the detriment of the things that happen in it. I don’t want angsty Thor... but some gravitas would be nice. Hell, a 20-30 minutes of extra time to let you feel things would have been appreciated, as it seems that there was a trend to make overtly long to the detriment of pacing, and in a way to just extend stuff without adding ANY meat to it. But it seems that the new trend is the polar opposite without making it bette, by making things shorter and more dynamic so movies don’t get so boring with wasted time... it made the pacing much better, but it might have hurt the impact of many movies. Thor included.


Anyway, let’s have some Bathos. Here’s a spoilely recap from a youtube comment by BlackMartini:

Mufasa dies and his son T’challa becomes the new king of Pride Rock. T’challa wants to Make Wakanda Great Again so he keeps the borders closed to the muggles. Afterwards he dawns the coolest power ranger suit ever and goes on a side quest with CIA Agent Bilbo Baggins to capture Gollum.

But T’challa’s evil long lost cousin Loki manages to capture Gollum first. Loki then shows up in Wakanda and announces his gamer tag is Killmonger. He challenges T’challa for the title of Hokage. Killmonger has the high ground defeats T’challa and murders Saw Guerra from Rogue One.

Killmonger than[SIC] becomes Black Hitler and attempts to start the Black Reich. But T’challa returns to Pride Rock to defeat his cousin. In the end T’challa learns that “with great power comes great responsibility” and to Make Wakanda Great Again he needs compassion over nationalism and tradition, so he opens the borders of Wakanda to the muggles.

El Fin.

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