Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

to recognize Charlie Hunnam...

...when he's in one movie with Ron "Where's my fucking shoe" Pearlman??? They should have had a scene together, that might have made the penny drop. Also - it would have been awesome, one way or another!


Yeah. I watched PR. Late for the game am I not? I can't deny that was pretty awesome. Like Transformers without the annoying shit. Like it was made by someone who actually likes the genre and not just considers it a Cash Cow. (Dr. Herman "enter German name here" was close to being over the top as comic relief, but he was no Skids or Mudflap, so I'll take it...)

Can someone tell me why as a German I should show a special interest in Kaiju wings? I sure would like Mr, Hannibal Chow to elaborate on that.....

Until then - here, have a Gif of a deleted scene.... ;)

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