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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Why do people hate the idea of more mature animation so much?

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I've mentioned before I want to work in the anime industry as a writer, I know it's difficult and will takes years of work to do but I'll do whatever it takes to achieve it. As such I have a passion and love for anime and animation as a whole. This is why it annoys me as hell hearing people constantly say that animation is and should only ever be for kids and only be enjoyed by adults. This ignores all the works of animation that have been made for an older audience such as the adult comedies like South Park, Documentaries like Waltz for Bashir and sci-fi and mature anime like Cowboy Bebop. That not to say many works shouldn't be for kids like anything, but it shouldn't be the only thing.


What I don't understand why people still have this perception. It is just like people who claim comic books are just for kids, Sci-fi can only ever be action fluff or fantasy being nonsensical trash. Most people nowadays will laugh at these ideas but yet the idea that entire art-form can only ever be made for children is thought with, "yep".


Is it because we watched cartoons as kids so we just consider them kids fluff? We also watched sitcoms and sci-fi show but nobody calls them kid fluff.


Is it because apart from raunchy comedies, most of these are niche markets? Well 1. so what? It's still doesn't ignore they exist or that it shows that it can be done. 2. Comic, sci-fi, horror and fantasy were all niche markets at one point and you don't call only for children.

Is it because of this idea that animation writer should only ever achieve to be like Korra (which I like). One would ever tell a sci-fi writer that, that they could only writer one type of thing to a specific type of audience ever? Of course not because you look like a dick plus it's completely untrue.


Can we just get over this and let animation be anything it wants, as mature as it wants like any other art-form like Anime and so much else has shown?


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