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Why do people see Birthweek

The Observation Deck is one year older and one year wiser this approaching Sunday, and in recognition of the great good that Observation Deck has performed in its almost eight full years of existence, the US is celebrating ODecksgiving today. People will gather together at all the usual US places of gathering (malls, gun ranges, and megachurches), load up their favourite ODeck articles on their mobile devices, and then just quietly read for a few hours. It’s a very solid holiday.

Today’s topics, if you choose to discuss it:

Who / what on the Gizmodo Media Group are you thankful for? Who / what on the Observation Deck are you thankful for?

author’s answers: I continue to appreciate that the GMG hosts the Kinja platform which allows Observation Deck to exist. I am very thankful that both The Root and Splinter recently allowed non-staff to write an article for them; it is very nice of them to offer that level of responsibility to non-staff. I’m glad that io9 and its staff are able to surprise me on a weekly and a sometimes-daily basis.


And in terms of Observation Deck I appreciate all of us who are keeping it going via posting articles, commenting on articles, sharing articles, bringing up the existence of Observation Deck randomly in the io9 comments... The last year has seen a rather drastic drop-off in attendance so I’m thankful for those of us who continue to make this a destination instead of a ghost town.

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