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Why do we fight? For Home, and Fluffiness!

I received a package this afternoon, a timeless cache from beyond the mists... of the North Atlantic. Whatever could be contained within?


Lil' Chen Stormstout! This little Pandaren was at first a Blizzcon 2013 exclusive, but with the recent re-opening of the Blizzard Gear Store (for a long while they stopped selling physical items to the EU), I snapped one up at the first chance. I mean, how could I not, look at him:


I also got this Hearthstone mug, too:


So stylish, and no 30 minute cooldown required to enjoy! Hahaha. Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Ha... wait, come back!

As a brewmaster of renown across Azeroth, Master Stormstout approves of my PG tips. I mean sure, it's no Timeless Tea, but it's still pretty good.


Unrelated to Physical Blizzard loot, and onto digital... If you've been reading TGR lately you'll know I've been playing more WoW as of late, gearing up my new Pandaren Hunter (you might be able to tell, I love me some Pandaren), when, fighting a rare monster with a bunch of other people on the Timeless Isle - a zone added late last year to help new max-level characters get epic-quality gear quicker - and this thing dropped when it died:


I mean, it can't be that rare a mount, right? Rare things never drop for me. Things I want never drop in WoW, the RNG hates me with a burning passion. I bet everyone who kills this monster gets this mount, right?

*checks WoWHead*

*Drop Rate: 1%*



brb having heart palpations about pixels that don't really matter BUT THEY DO TO MEEEEEEEE

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