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Why does Disney still delay the international release of their films?

Big Hero 6 is coming out in the 7th of November. However, if you live in Europe, you'll have to wait until January or February next year until you get an official release. This isn't new, Wreck-It Ralph & Frozen both have had similar delays as well as nearly all their animated films have had similar delays.

Thing is though... Why?

Why do they keep delaying their films? None of the other studios do this anymore and that's a good thing, in an age where spoilers are prevalent and you can get a torrent version of it. Why delay it? It doesn't make any sense!


Hell it makes less sense since Disney is one of the companies most complaining about illegal copies and torrents. Hey Disney, you know a great way of not letting that happen, releasing your films at the same time because if people can't watch your film legally, they're going to find it by other means. Shocking know.

What makes it worse is that sites and forums don't care about their international viewers not to spoil them because after all, if it's released in USA, who cares about the rest of the world right? There not people right?

Even Io9 and here where they are usually really good at being careful with type of thing didn't care and flat out posted spoilers for those films (I was bloody lucky going into Frozen unspoiled after being released for 10 months in the UK) and some of their US posters spoiling it and sharing gifs on it, even on articles and threads not even about those films.

So why do they do Disney do it? Also can we refrain not spoiling it and posting gifs until it has least been released everywhere?

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