Let me explain to you some reasons everyone hates the Supernatural fandom:

  • We go big (see lead image, GISHWHES, rubber duckies, etc) instead of going homeÔÇöevery time
  • You haven't learnt to ignore or appreciate incest
  • And interspecies bestiality cradle-snatching isn't your thing either
  • You can't tell when we or the show are being serious
  • We think we're taller than you
  • Misha. Misha, Misha, Misha
  • No topic is safe from an SPN incursion
  • Our hiatus is so special it has its own name
  • We act like our Crowley is the first/best/shiniest Crowley

Why do people hate *your* fandom? And no fair if you're not in the fandom. If I started listing things wrong with the Sherlock fandom (have you seen them?) that would be mean. Talk amongst ourselves about yourselves.

And feel free to add to the SPN listÔÇöif you're one of us