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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Why I like Paranormal Activity

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A literature professor of mine said before reviewing a work, she believes that it is important to give what the work is asking of you, to go to the places it wants you to go, before making a final judgment on the merit or quality of a work. I'm butchering her words, but I believe I have captured the essence of what she was saying.


I saw the trailer for the next Paranormal Activity movie, Paranormal Activity not 5 but kind of is, and I was super excited. I have loved the series since its start and PA3 remains one of the scariest experiences I have ever had in a theater. It's not blind love, I disliked PA4 and the laziness that went into making it. But overall I'm a definite fan, so I noticed the high level of snark that accompanied the trailer post on io9 and other sites.

So that caused me to ask why am I a fan? I love the intimacy of POV, the simplicity of the scares, and honestly I never get tired of a haunted house story. There is just something about watching not very bright people get mulched by an invisible beastie that resonates with me. I don't hold these to be universal truths, but speaking for myself, I give what Paranormal Activity is asking of me, and I enjoy it immensely.


I'm saying this not because I think people that don't like the series are wrong, far from it. I just wanted to explain why I like it, not to have my enjoyment of the series validated, but to provide a perspective from someone who supports the series and will continue to do so. Or maybe I'm just rambling like an idiot. Either way.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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