It was recently announced that the voice actors of SAG-AFTRA, the union which looks after voice actors is deciding whether to strike. As someone who wants to go into animation, I am in full support of the voice actors in this and hope they get what they want.

Specifically, their are hundreds who don’t get the top jobs and instead get the crap work the others don’t. Remember, not everyone is as successful as Tara Strong or Steve Blum and many don’t get a real choice in the parts because it either those or nothing.

I think it is absurd that they wouldn’t be told about motion capture ahead of time given that voice acting and mo-cap are two very different areas. Also, fully agree with them about the screaming and bonuses.

It always disgusts me how ignorant people can be about voice acting, thinking, “Duh, it’s just acting with only your voice, anyone could do it” which dismisses the years of training that most go through and is simply not true.

It annoys me that audiences and some cast directors (looking at you DreamWorks) think that A-List celebrities should do all the voices when in reality, most are crap at voice acting except for a few like Mark Hamill, Malcom McDowell and Tom Hanks.


Or when dub voice actors are dismissed as lazy because… I actually don’t really get why people call them lazy. Dubbing is really hard work as you have to say the lines perfectly in a realistic way while also keeping in sync with the characters mouth. That’s really hard to do and given dub voice actors usually get less money than others, deserve more respect.

Also just a little micro rant, you really need 75% in the US to go on strike!? That’s absurd! In the UK, it is only more than 50% to be able to go on strike. I’ve never understood why many in the US hate unions so much given that they’ve done so much good in the UK. Also, what is with the idiotic, “All unions work for the mob” myth? That’s pure propaganda and you know it.


Anyway, I’ve noticed on some of the gaming sites that people are dismissing the voice actors demands because developers don’t have rights and work in crappy work conditions as well. Well then they should form a union and demand for rights and bonuses for good work as well. Given the crap developers have been getting like EA forcibly demanding changes like adding microtransactions (which developers don’t see a dime of) and always online gameplay, bonuses only being given if a game gets an arbitrary metacritic score (you know that thing based on personal opinions and doesn’t mean anything as no reviewers have the same scoring system so f*** you Bethesda and Activision) and the constant hate & death threats, they deserve one.