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Why I think I've tired of MMORPGs and what might change that...

RPG video games have always had one thing in common. You are what the story is about. You are the one that will save the day and become the hero. MMO's have mostly followed this pattern since the beginning, and now that's all they are looking to be. To give you the single player experience along with hundreds of thousands of others along side you. But it just doesn't make sense.

If I am the greatest warrior you've seen then why are all these other people kneeling up your ass and standing on you while you say the same to them? It just feels lame. Don't call me the greatest thing to happen to the empire. There are tons of other people doing the exact same quests, I'm not alone.

This has always been my biggest gripe, though I've always kept it to myself. So, is there anyone who is willing to change this? I don't know...


But I did just have a thought as I was watching Elder Scrolls Online videos. Yes, being burnt out on MMOs doesn't mean I'm not going to try them. I have hope that one day it'll change.

We've come far in just the last ten years of gaming. But is it possible to do this? Put contacts/party/friends lists in the game. Have the NPC's know/hear these lists from others. Let the NPCs learn of your exploits instead of simply calling you the chosen and saying you must do this. I don't want to be the chosen. I want to be just someone fighting the good fight. Is that too much to ask? I play MMOs to play with others, not for the single person story line.

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