Fantastic 4 is set to be released on the 6th of August in the UK and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release next year and you know what, I’m looking forward to both. However, both have received negative responses from fans.

That’s perfectly fine, we’re all entitled to our opinions. It’s when you then decide that gives you the right to be horrible to people who are actually looking forward for those films, either insulting their intelligence or just taking pot shots. That’s when you’ve crossed the line.

However, I won’t be quiet and explain why I’m looking forward to these two films.

I should point out that I don’t read leaks and spoilers, only knowing one for F4 because my brother told me by accident.


With the Fantastic 4, I know a lot of people have taken a dislike to it because it seems to have went for a more heavy science fiction approach then the traditional superhero type of film. Personally though, I actually like the way they’re going with it and given how the F4 have always been heavy in the Sci-Fi genre, it makes sense to me. It annoys me when people say that superhero films have to follow a certain plot, especially since the comics have shown that isn’t so.


I’ve also enjoyed the design on the costumes. I’ve made fun that the space suits look like the ones in Red Dwarf, but that isn’t a bad thing and I hope the design give us a sense of construction and space age exploration. Like these are the first astronauts exploring the great unknown.


As for Batman v Superman, I’m very optimistic. The designs we’ve seen of the heroes look very cool and the trailer gave me a very great eerie vibe. I keep getting the sense that someone like Bizarro or KGBeast is in the movie and Lex Luthor is pulling the strings.

I would of have liked to have seen a DC movie with a more high fantasy tone, but then again I couldn’t see that going well with fans.


I’ve also always disagreed with the notion that Superman doesn’t work in a grim setting. In fact, I’ve always thought Superman, when done well (and there is the important factor) would fit perfectly in that type of setting. An optimistic symbol of hope we could look up to in our darkest need, basically Paragon Commander Shepard in tights.

It is also not like it hasn’t been done before. Kingdom Come was a fantastic comic and the DCAU did many stories with Superman in dark or grim and gritty settings such as Brave New Metropolis, Apokolips...Now!, Legacy and Twilight.