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I was on vacation last week, but before that there was a discussion about a potential Star Trek TV Series reboot. One of the points of discussion revolved around the new timeline and the actors/actresses signing on for a TV series. Some of the arguments against that pointed out that it is a major backstep in an actors career to sign on for a TV series.

That concept baffles me. If you're a talented actor or actress it would seem to me that a TV series gives you a lot more time and freedom to give your character depth. Additionally I would suggest that a movie is great, but it is here and gone. Shortly after you see the movie it is out of sight out of mind. If toy companies want to sell toys to "kids" it can't be here today gone tomorrow.

This is what Marvel has done right with the Avengers, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, and Agents of SHIELD. By the time one movie comes and goes another one comes in and we remember our favorite characters etc.


What are your thoughts? Personally I can't wait for Rebels. That's my favorite part of the Star Wars timeline. If it results in new video games and successfully gives the franchise a kick in the pants I'd rather be part of the show than the new movies.

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