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Something I've noticed watching through Justice League and Justice League Unlimited is that nearly every main super-heroine and super-villain is matched up. The only exceptions to this is Stargirl (who was underage) and minor characters like Dr Light, Ice, Gypsy and Crimson Fox aka, the ones that never get any lines or scenes devoted to them.

Think about it:

  • Wonder Woman with Batman
  • Zatanna with Batman
  • Batgirl with Nightwing
  • Hawk Girl with Green Lantern & Hawkman (you know, her creepy stalker because that is a great message right?)
  • Supergirl with Brainiac 5 & Jimmy Olsen
  • Fire with Flash
  • Black Canary with Green Arrow
  • Huntress with The Question
  • Cheetah with Batman
  • Giganta with Grodd and Flash
  • Tala with Luthor and Grodd

Thinking about it, all the superhero series are guilty of this. Teen Titans did it with all their women, as did the Legion of Superheroes, X-Men: Evolution and The Avengers: EMH. Young Justice was the worse for it, matching them all immediately when they are introduced (and honestly, the romance sub-plots were the weakest part of that series).


Why is this? Is the message that woman can only be brave or heroic if they are matched? Are they scared of having single woman? Is this executive meddling at work? Or is it because the writers still use the stereotype that all women care for is romance and force it onto every woman lead?

Or am I thinking to deeply about this and seeing things that aren't there?

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