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“I’m re-watching the first six movies”, “I’m watching the original six for the Force Awakens”. These are things I’ve heard for the last few weeks all over the internet. Hell, you can even watch the first six films online on YouTube if you want. However, people seem to have either forgotten or are deliberately forgetting the seventh official Star Wars film, The Clone Wars.

Yes, the Force Awakens is not the seventh Star Wars movie but the eighth. People seem to be forgetting the 2008 The Clone Wars film, even by some long time fans and critics who know about seem to be forgetting about it. One just has to look through the comments of Sci-Fi or movie site to see people saying “I’m watching all six star Wars films before TFA”, or critics on Rotten Tomatoes calling TFA the 7th film, or magazines & web articles who have ignore it. Even events and cinemas doing endless Star Wars marathons are ignoring The Clone Wars despite being better than Episodes 1 & 2.


That’s not to say the Clone Wars was a good film. It is by far one of the weakest of the modern Star Wars animation. However, it has its moments and like I said earlier, it is far superior to most of the prequels.

Quite honestly, it comes across as once again, some people are dismissing animation as inferior and not worthy of respect.

When I’ve mentioned this to people, while I have had people say they just forgot or didn’t know about it, others had responses like, “It was just a cartoon” or, “It’s not a real movie”, or “It’s just a kid movie”, or “not important” or, “It wasn’t originally conceived as a movie” which is just weak logic and obvious excuse to dismiss animation as legitimate art-form.

The first four Die Hard films weren’t originally Die Hard movies and the Naked Gun was also originally conceived as episodes for a TV show. Would you ignore their validity as movies? Of course you wouldn’t, but those are live-action so they don’t get dismissed as, “Not really movies”.


This attitude is just like those Star Trek fans who dismiss the animated series as, “not really Star Trek” or Transformers fans who seem to think the live-action movies were the first bit of Transformers media since G1.

Star Wars The Clone Wars was and will always be a Star Wars film. It deserve to be watched and considered just as valid as its peers.

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