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The Concert Film/Documentary of LCD Soundsystem's last show at Madison Square Gardens could have earned this title for its film-work alone: lofty angles, unique cuts to display the juxtaposition of James Murphy's life, and incredibly candid shots of the band and its fans. However, Shut Up and Play the Hits is founded on an interview that takes the film to a level of thought unexpected.


The interview begins as an intermittent series of questions dancing around the concert, the running up to the legendary show, and the foreign taste of saying goodbye that follows. The interviewer pokes James Murphy in a more intellectual fashion than may be standard in you favorite online blog, getting Murphy to describe his thoughts on the depleting source of martian rock stars that inspired him to become the person he is today.


The interviewer then asks the question of what was the band's biggest mistake that ultimately defines them. James Murphy answers, after some back and fourth confusion on the question, with "quitting."

Shut Up and Play the Hits wasn't just a concert film, and it wasn't just a documentary on a band splitting up to go live normal lives. LCD Soundsystem's finale was an introspection on the idea of quitting something you love to attain other things you desire and the constant wonder of if that was the right decision that follows.

It's the outrageous high followed by a deep concern for the future, and I urge you all to watch it unfold in a manner I'd never think would be seen captured on camera.


Yes, its available on Netflix.

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