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Why the New New Avengers Is the Most Comic Book-y Comic Book That Ever Comic Booked

New Avengers #9, written by Al Ewing with art by Marcus To, just did something that was both awesome and ridiculous, something that can only be summed up by two words: COMIC BOOKS. But that’s par for the course for this series, which has consistently been awesome, weird, and weirdly awesome.

A little backstory for those not reading: the previous volume of New Avengers wasn’t, technically, about the Avengers. It was instead about the Illuminati, that group with Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and others, all about the Incursions and the lead-up to Secret Wars. It was dark and dour and, frankly, depressing.


The new New Avengers (the fourth volume, to be more accurate) is the complete tonal opposite of that. It’s light and fun and SUPER FREAKIN’ AWESOME. And it takes things from Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run and uses them to their maximum capacity: Robert daCosta (aka Sunspot, formerly of the New Mutants) has now bought A.I.M. and has rebranded it as the Avengers Idea Mechanics. And he’s created his own team of New Avengers operating out of Avengers Island, including the new Power Man, White Tiger, Songbird, Squirrel Girl, Wiccan, Hulkling, POD, and Hawkeye (the S.H.I.E.L.D. spy on the team, even though everyone knows it). They’ve mainly fought against the Maker, an evil Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe, who now runs W.H.I.S.P.E.R. (aka “A.I.M. when it was fun”). They’ve also fought against Space Cthulhu and fought alongside the future Avengers of 20xx.

So taking all those elements together, how could they possibly top that? Well, in the latest issue, a tie-in to the Avengers Standoff crossover, they rescued Rick Jones from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, which meant that now the U.S. Government had reasonably cause to invade Avengers Island. But invade it with what?

Well, what about a solder that’s been injected with a combination of the super soldier serum, gamma radiation, Pym Particles, and the Lizard serum?


Yes, that’s right, they turned Corporal Todd Ziller into a giant goddamn lizard and named him the American Kaiju.


And then they unleashed him on Avengers Island.


Yes, that is a giant lizard with an American flag painted on his body chanting “YUUU! ESSSSS! AAAAYYYY!”

So what are the New Avengers to do? Well, how would you fight a giant kaiju?


With a giant robot, of course.

If you haven’t been reading New Avengers, why not? Do you hate fun? Of course you don’t. So go read New Avengers.

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