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Why wasn't I informed that Udo Kier is in this movie?

I almost skipped Downsizing! It’s another case of a Misleading Trailer Syndrome!


Not just because it didn’t mention Udo Kier, also because the trailer made it look like a cute Honey I shrunk the kids style comedy. I did not expect to be taken into the slums of Shrunken Town, nor to be confronted with the looming end of the world...

But above all, I didn’t expect Udo Kier sharing the screen with Christoph Waltz! Admittedly you could have cut Kier out of the film completely and not change one thing about the plot, which makes me think that he got in on the project fairly late and was written into it. That said - Kier and Waltz acting opposite each other is a freaking delight. Those few scenes alone are totally worth the - sometimes overly schmaltzy, saccharine and naive end of the the world turn the film takes.

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