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In 2011, Mark Waid took over writing the book Daredevil when it was relaunched in the wake of a crossover called "Shadowland" (it's complicated and involved Daredevil getting possessed by a demon). His run was almost immediately hailed as one of the best comics out there and still is. But now, after four years on the book (and another relaunch), Mark Waid will be ending his run.

Here's why his run is awesome and you should read it:

1. It's about a disabled superhero.

Yes, Daredevil is blind, but that's not what I'm talking about. Matt Murdock isn't just blind — he also has depression. Waid's run is really the first superhero book that I've seen show clearly and accurately what depression is like. Matt tries to work through it every day, but some days, he just can't. And, as his friend Foggy tells him, he is self sabotaging — every time he gets happy, he believes he doesn't deserve it.


2. Foggy Nelson is awesome

A lot of the time, Daredevil comics would use Foggy Nelson, Matt's partner in law, as a source of comic relief. And, yes, Waid does that, too, sometimes (especially in the beginning, when Foggy is trying to lose weight).

But then another thing happens: Foggy becomes awesome simply for the fact that he doesn't take any of Matt's crap. He doesn't put up with any of the defeatist arguments or bad lies Matt tells him. He tells Matt the pure, unvarnished truth and he does this all (SPOILERS) while being treated for cancer.

3. The book isn't super depressing

You might have seen previous Daredevil books. They may have looked bleak and, oftentimes, they were. Both writers Brian Michael Bendis and Ed Brubaker put Matt Murdock through the wringer and made the book so very depressing (and sometimes hard to read). This all probably started with Frank Miller's run, which was great, but also depressing in the hell it put Matt through.


When Mark Waid was hired to write it, he specifically said that he would only do so if he could make it light and fun again. That doesn't mean there aren't periods of darkness (there are, in fact, quite a bit), but it means that things don't get super depressing. The book, actually, is quite joyous to read. Even in it's bleakest moments, there are moments of light.


4. Kirsten McDuffie is awesome

Daredevil has had a long line of awesome female characters, but they also unfortunately died a lot (Elektra's resurrection not withstanding). This was a problem which Mark Waid thankfully fixed with ADA Kirsten McDuffie. Playful, somewhat vindictive, but thoroughly awesome, Kirsten dates Matt for a bit before deciding that she doesn't want to be known as "Daredevil's girlfriend." She likes being independent, but loves to flirt with Matt and tease him about being Daredevil (which he vehemently denies).


Is she targeted by Daredevil's enemies? Sure, but she doesn't care. She kicks ass.

5. The shirt.


You know you want one.

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