Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

There's an article on Zap2it about the prayer the League assassin that Ollie and Sarah capture says before he drinks that poison rather than give himself up, and whether or not it was offensive that he said what is considered a Muslim prayer.

Here's the link:


Personally, I did take some offense at the time the scene played out, and thought to myself "why'd they have to make him seem Muslim?"* but there was so much awesome going on in that episode that by the time it ended, I'd forgotten about it, because as a comic geek, it was such a small instance and less memorable than seeing (Green) Arrow and Black Canary teaming up, riding on a motorcycle together, and Nyssa Al Ghul (and Canary being her "beloved"). I didn't even remember it the next morning when I was reading the review on io9.


The article gets a few things wrong, since Namba Parbat (which isn't even spelled correctly), in the comic books, is basically a fictional Tibet, complete with monks, and R'as himself isn't meant to be considered Arabic, or anything specific. He's centuries old, and where ever he's from wasn't how it is today. In the intro for the Batman: Tales of the Demon collection, there's a blurb explaining "As Neal Adams described him, he was a figure of indeterminate ethnic origin, a citizen of many cultures."

And to be fair to Arrow, most of the assassins are from Asia and Africa, including the Middle East region, so an Arabic speaking one makes plenty of sense. I found it much more lame when Intelligence used suicide bombers as the bad guys in a recent episode, but I'm also less forgiving because it's nowhere near as good a show (imo).

My mine gripe with the assassin saying a prayer before he kills himself is that everyone in the League shouldn't have more loyalty to anyone over R'as himself, including God. So he shouldn't have said any kind of prayer, of any religion. He should have sworn his dying allegiance to R'as or the League if he was going to say anything. It's out of character.

Anyone else notice while watching? Or think Zap2It is maybe making too big a deal of it? One of the comments is from someone saying they didn't even know it was a Muslim prayer until the article pointed it out. So there's that too.


*I say "seem Muslim" because like a lot of other religions, suicide is considered a sin (not to mention killing), so a true believer wouldn't actually kill himself or join the League of Assassins to begin with. If you do that, you're basically forsaking any religion you might believe in to follow R'as Al Ghul.

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