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Wild Ideas About The Future of Pacific Rim

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I'm sure everyone saw the news yesterday that Pacific Rim 2 is a go for April of 2017. The gap between now and then will be filled with an animated series that sounds like it will be more of a prequel to the first movie. To celebrate I've come up with some ideas for what I would like to see in the future of the PR universe.


The Animated Series

As nice as would be to see the early adventures of pilots like Stacker Pentecost and Herc Hansen, it might be hard to get Idris Elba and Max Martini to do voices for the show. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. It would give the show the opportunity to highlight some other Jaegers and their crews possibly even Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon. It would be fantastic to see these two Jaeger crews earning the reputation that they had in the first movie by smashing Kaiju.


An even better idea would be to also introduce the Jaegers and Jaeger crews that were mentioned in the novelization of Pacific Rim. Why would that be a good idea? Because that would mean more action figures could be made! They also represent the countries not shown in the first movie. Jaegers like Matador Fury, Chrome Brutus or Solar Prophet need to be seen! It would also be interesting to see what daily life was like at all the other Shatterdomes.

The Sequel

I'm not really sure what Del Toro has in mind for the sequel, but I have some ideas of what I would like to see. After the events of the first movie, the world is still not going to have any reason not to shut the Jaeger program down. As far as they know the threat is over. The focus would be on rebuilding the coastal communities along the Pacific. Without a unifying threat, the tensions between countries would start to flare up again. Maybe these countries decide that they should start a Jaeger arms race and start mass producing newer, sleeker versions.


Eventually, a new threat appears that reunifies everyone. There needs to be a new, greater threat than just the Rift opening back up and Kaiju coming out two or three at a time. This needs to be a full scale invasion from the other dimension. Where the first movie featured one-on-one Kaiju/Jaeger fights, the sequel would have huge battle scenes where entire squads of Jaegers try to repel advances by large groups of newly adapted Kaiju. The greatest thing would be to end the sequel with the Jaeger lines defeating the Kaiju all along the Pacific Rim. With the war seemingly won, a new rift opens in the Atlantic Ocean and Kaiju pore out to attack the undefended coastal cities there. This would set up a third movie where it was World War Kaiju.

So those are my ideas.

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