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Will the New Thor Be Held to a Double-Standard?

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So after enjoying Thor #3, a thought crossed my mind that left me a little on edge. This is not a hypothetical question, it's one I'd legitimately like an answer on, from writer Jason Aaron, if not Marvel itself: Is this new Thor going to be held to a double standard?


A fact that's distasteful but true: women are held to different standards then men. Men more easily dip out of scandal, and out of trouble. They're paid more. There's a pile of imbalances here but I want to focus on the big ones, at least as they relate to the new Hammer-Holder.

To start, let's take a look at Thor Odinson: an impossibly strong, quasi-immortal Norse god with seemingly matched appetites for battle, women, and drink. Jason Aaron's Thor: God of Thunder has shown the thunder god reveling in all three. He's drunkenly ridden into battle with a dragon, he's bedded viking women left and right. He's even dallied in non-committal flings with his sisters-in-arms, amid larger plots. And that's all fine, but, what about his Distaff Counterpart?


Will Lady!Thor Have Matching Appetites?

We've only seen the Norse Lady in action, so far. No downtime, no thoughts of what she'd do if she weren't smashing Frost Giants. I'm aware that she has an alter-ego, and it's way early in the game, but! Just how much Thor-ness did she inherit? She has no problem dispensing violence. Is she going to be craving some mead when she's done her thirsty work? Will she want to go and find some strapping warrior (man or woman) to bed, to celebrate her inevitable victory? More to the point, will readers have problems with that if she does?


I'm keen to avoid spoilers, but I'm too curious not to wonder about it. Female superheroes with healthy sexual appetites have been stamped as 'sluts' in the past, and that shit is old. I just want to know if we're going to be seeing this heroine, who is at least partly motivated by some Norse god aggression, follow those appetites to their conclusion.

Would it be BAD if she drank? Not as long as it's social drinking, and she's not trying to drink and fly. Would it be BAD if she had casual sex? Absolutely not. Far as we know, she's an adult in her alter-ego.


Who knows? Maybe this is an opportunity to show an emancipated woman (of thunder), enjoying herself. Maybe it'll never come up at all. I don't know. But I really, really hope that it does— if only to illustrate that these appetites and desires are not predominantly masculine; nor is the decision to act on them.

What do you think?

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