There are a few things that I haven't figured out yet - maybe one of our lovely mods would care to give us a tour of the new digs?

Some of the things that are puzzling me:

  • The '+' next to the title that turns into a tick (โœ“) when I click on it - what is happening when I click or unclick it?
  • Private view - what is it? What happens in there?
  • Recommended - is this stuff recommended for me or is it the same for everyone?
  • Following - again, what does that mean? What happens if I follow someone? Do their posts/comments appear somewhere? Is it like following someone on twitter? When I click the follow button on a post am I following the post or the poster? Because following a post would be useful - if someone makes a comment on an interesting thread that's dropped off the front page I'm probably not going to see it. Maybe I have the answer to the poster's question :shrugs:
  • Emoticons - we can haz?