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William Hastings' Retro Website, as mentioned on Twin Peaks, part 9

Last updated in November of 2015, William Hastings as been hard at work exploring the fringe of realities and other dimensions. One is left wondering if William was ever asked by the Magician from across two worlds, “Fire — Walk with Me.” Spoilers for part 9 of Twin Peaks: The Return (if you think David Lynch can be spoiled).


Now, several of the links are dead or lead to the host sites, but there’s plenty browse through. Of note is a section devoted to Robert Heinlein, references on Nikola Tesla, ghost stories of the Black Hills, and a Scientific American profile on Hugh Everett and his beliefs in multiple universes.


There’s also a reference to a mysterious German man named Heinrich Viegel who might be the billionaire behind the glass box in New York.

Curiously absent on the site given their inclusion in The Secret History of Twin Peaks is any mention of the Thelema Cult, portions of which seem to be nodded at by the strange happenings and locations showcased during parts 1–4.

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