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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Winter Soldier Timeline Question

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That Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer reminds me to inquire about the comic history behind this antagonistic not-what-he-seems character.* Specifically, what trade collections do I pick up?


I'm no stranger to comics, and know who the Winter Soldier is. But I would definitely enjoy seeing his first appearances in comics and the big reveal, shaking Cap's world. I plan on buying the Captain America: Winter Soldier collection, but correct me if I'm wrong that Cap doesn't know who his new enemy is. Does the audience know? If I understand correctly from another comics fan, Cicil War: Captain America is when the truth is revealed. Is it just revealed to Cap or do we, the reader, also get the shock from that?

Or am I mistaken in the whole sequence of events/reveals and I should look up another issue or trade collection?



*Sidenote: Anyone else annoyed how seemingly every movie outlet (EW, IMDb) simply gives away the big reveal? I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't know yet and I'd like it to stay that way, until I give him the comics to read. Am I mistaken thinking this is a Darth Vader-level reveal?

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