This picture was taken yesterday at 5:30 on the same stretch of road I take to get home.

That's all hail, guys! I drove through about ten minutes prior to this particular photo. Traffic was halted and five cars had rear-ended each other at that time. The fog (or whatever) was so thick you couldn't see ten feet in front of you; all the cars that were still trying to drive through were crawling 10MPH or less, emergency lights flashing. We were essentially playing follow the leader while going around parked/wrecked cars and attempting to keep track of the lines on the side of the road. It was insane.

Of course, not a mile from there it looked as if nothing had happened. Prior to that stretch of road I had spent most of the commute driving through pea-sized hail - most of that was golf ball-sized. I'm just glad I didn't get pelted with any of that!

Power is still out for most of the county and school has been cancelled. (Although, they cancel school for just about any amount of snow, so take that for what it's worth.) Tornadoes were reported in the area, and being a farming county, several chicken-raising facilities were ripped apart.