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Wish list: Guide to Extraterrestrials 2

In 1979 illustrator and concept artist extraordinaire Wayne Barlowe produced the Hugo-nominated Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials. Within its pages he illustrated fifty alien species from the works of Niven, Asimov, van Vogt, and others.

If Wayne Barlowe were to produce art for a second Guide, which aliens (from written science fiction) would you like to see included?


Here are the aliens I'd like to see him tackle, in no particular order:

1) The Dwellers (of Nasqueron and other gas giants) of Iain M. Banks' The Algebraist.

Dwellers are flatened barbell-shaped floaters found in most gas giants across the galaxy. They live for millions of years and hunt their children for sport.


2) The orthogonal aliens of Greg Egan's Orthogonal series.

These aliens have four eyes – two in the front, two in the rear – and can reshape themselves at will, extruding six or more limbs from their doughy torsos, ossifying their fingers to razor sharp edges, and raising symbols and drawings on their skin.


3) Behemothaurs of Iain M. Banks' Look to Windward.

Continent-sized metaorganisms/ecologies, floating in ballons slowly orbiting the galaxy.


4) Just about any of the non-human species of Brian Aldiss' Hothouse.

Technically they aren't aliens, but these Earth species have evolved over jillions of years in our future. In particular: the traversers (giant vegetable spiders that live on the moon), or Sodal Ye's species (evolved from dolphins, to reclaim the surface of the world).


5) The Tosok of Robert J. Sawyer's Illegal Alien.

They're bipedal like us, and have two arms, but that's where the similarities end: their legs attach at the shoulders, and their arms are front and back.


Include the name and author of the book or series that hosts the alien(s) you'd like to see drawn. Bonus points if you include a desciption of the alien.

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