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Witch Doctor by De Staat

ETA; mostly SFW, but he does drop a “fuck” at the the beginning of the video.

Another ETA; check out OogiesShock’s comment for a link to the “making of video”

I’m loving this zombie video by Dutch alt rock group De Staat, which I’ve already posted on “Something Wicked”. It’s an indictment of snake oil salesmen, “health” bloggers who tout herbal remedies for cancer, anti-vaxxers and and the unthinking dupes who blindly follow them. It really speaks to the anti-science slide back into superstition. The use of the term “witch doctor” is problematic in terms of cultural stereotyping, but it does reflect early horror stories in the zombie genre.


Visually, I think it harks back to some of the horror films of the fifties, like Hammer Studios’ movies. Motion capture was used to make the herky-jerky movements of the zombies even creepier. Did they use 25 guys and film panoramically and then splice the footage? Or did they actually use 300 people? I dunno. I’ve watched it several times, focusing on different aspects of effects.

Another ETA! The “making of” video shows that it’s all one guy being the zombies; he did the movements, with motion capture, and they mapped other faces and body types onto his movements.

The main singer is just so gleefully eeeevil, with his “Dance, zombies, dance” attitude. Oh and the zombies are humming at the beginning, like bees. The percussive style of his delivery, matches the actual percussion and underscores the power of the physical movements.

Simple, but very effective.

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