Although they're not on the Pacific Rim, the UK could offer some hilariously named Jaegers to stand alongside the likes of Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger - so Twitter has taken the job of desiging the thoroughly British Branch of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp. Say hello to Oxford Comma and friends!

(Oxford Comma by @HelpThe99ers)

Little Chef, by @Hondanhon

Steak Bake, by @MightyBlackout


Mornington Crescent, by @Matlock


The Jaeger tag-team of Chippy Dinner and Mushy Peas, by @JoeTheDough and @Hide2k10

Iron Brew gets points reduced for name inaccuracy (it should be Irn Bru of course), but what a perfect colour scheme! by @BioJammer


Earl Grey, by @JamesHunt

In the end though, Garry Whitta reminds us of what should probably be the true British Jaeger: