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Wizard World Chicago Cosplay

Four days of Wizard World, three days spent taking photos. I missed several costumes because I couldn’t remember if I’d taken their photo or there were just too many of that one character (I’m looking at you Deadpool). Though, there was one (Terra from Teen Titans) I saw, I wanted to photograph, but I couldn’t find her again. Here are a few samples of my bad photos of excellent cosplay!


These are just a few, for the rest (I was told I couldn’t flood a post with almost 300 photos) you can see them at https://flic.kr/s/aHskiitphx. Please don’t kill me for the few I didn’t have names for (a few I know...I really do, I just can’t for the life of me think of them.) If you do know them, please let me know who they are and I’ll be happy to put the names on them. I hope you enjoy, this was my first time photographing people. Going to try to do it every year, and possibly at C2E2 as well.

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