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Wizard World Chicago Day 4 - Ain't Nothin' But A Camera Thang! And Oscar the Grouch

Today I only had two things on my mind. And one of those was basically what I did all six hours.

I spent the day walking around just looking for people to photograph. Got a lot of photos. Some great family ones. Though I did have one more of “the one that got away”.

When I got there I was standing in line. I could just the big red bow on her head and her shoulder. But that’s all it took to know it was Kiki. When I finally got inside I spent the whole day trying to find her, but to no avail. I stopped by one of the artists that I’d bought something from on Friday, one of which was a print of Kiki’s Delivery Service. She remembered me and I told her about Kiki. And of course, said girl had been by the table, but it had been a while.


I never did find her, but it wasn’t as bad as not finding Terra on Saturday. Because I did see another Kiki on Saturday.

After a while, I went and stood in line for an autograph from someone that was integral to me growing up. I thought it would be awesome to meet him, but I wasn’t feeling anything about it. But when I handed Carroll Spinney the Oscar the Grouch I’d had since I was five years old something clicked. I felt elated as he signed it and told me and the last two people in line a few stories. As I walked away I couldn’t stop smiling. Hell, even now, just looking at the Oscar he signed I’m getting a bit teary eyed.

Pretty much after that I continued to walk around getting photos or cosplayers. Bought a handmade mug and one last piece of art from my favorite artist at the show. It was definitely a pleasant day. And being my second ever con, I had a great time. I’m not sure why everyone talks down on Wizard World, but I thought it was great. I look forward to going back next year as well!

I’ll be posting my photos tonight or tomorrow. I’m currently editing them (taking a break from that while I write this because there are over three hundred). So be sure to check back to see them. I’m not going to claim they are great photos, but they are photos of some pretty great costumes!


I forgot to mention. Before I left today, I read the article about the 501st Empire group making the Storm Trooper armor for the little girl and passing it along to other girls that had similar situations. While at the con I actually got to meet a few from the Midwest Garrison. I even shook the hand of the officer thanking him for them doing such a thing. Yet one more awesome thing about today!

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