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Wolverine: Future Daze

As the internet has been reporting, Hugh Jackman has "announced" he will be playing Wolverine only one more time. It has been reported that this will be the third Wolverine solo film due in 2017, though X-Men Apocalypse has yet to be filmed so does this mean he isn't in that one or will he be playing Wolverine twice more times?


So what next for the character? Will a new actor be introduced as Wolverine in Apocalypse or will the X-Films move on without him, instead focusing on Magneto or even Gambit, as both had or have a solo film in the works.

It seems hard to believe Fox would just let the character die as even though the Wolverine solo films haven't been great they have still managed to make some money for the company and the character is one of the most recognisable comic book characters outside of the Marvel Film Universe other than all those superheroes who have Man at the end of their name.

What's your take? Let the character die for a while and focus on someone else, or should a new actor take up the mantle?

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