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Women are 'Generally Physically Weaker. That's Science'

The Walking Dead Creator: Women Are 'Generally Physically Weaker. That's Science'

Robert. Come on man! What... what were you thinking?

I have to admit, I did not read the whole article, and I certainly did not venture past the first couple of comments (the Colbert gif was my favorite). I mean, we all know what her rant was going to be, so I just saved myself some time.


The reason I brought this story over to ODeck is because I want some io9 commentary on the quote, and again: I am not wading through that sea of comments.

So. Am I allowed to still like Robert Kirkman? I didn't really have much opinion on him one way or another before, other than his comics are awesome and his show is... well, I still watch it anyway. If I don't absolutely hate him now, am I like those Chris Brown 'supporters'? Where do we stand on this?

Also, that was a helluva stupid thing to say, no matter how much you really think it's true.

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