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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

#WomenInFiction The Final Two Contestants Announced!

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THE FINALISTS: Hermione Granger and Buffy Summers, both with 55% of the vote

Wow. What can I say?

Oh, wait. Something. That's my job. Um… ok, let's see.

At first, I took this as the biggest shocking disappointment I felt since Lucy Ricardo lost in the first round. Somehow I saw this as a loss for old-school geeks, and for a moment actually thought "kids today with their hip new characters… we earned our badass 80s heroes by suffering through endless garbage!" I decided that this round came down to a generational gap, with older audiences favoring the more established characters – getting drowned out by younger audiences and their new heroes. But that doesn't really make that much sense. Buffy trends a lot closer to my generation than to the young folk that grew up with the Harry Potter series – and even that is total bunk. Who can say what "generation" owns which character?


Nope. That was just a confused angry old turd talking. Now that I think on it, I believe the answer is a little more obvious...


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