I just read Wonder World, a short story by the always amazing Noelle Stevenson and James Tynion IV, in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #23 and #24. Admittedly I haven't read much Wonder Woman before but this sounded great so I had to give it a chance.

The plot is simple enough, teen Diana escapes to the world of man, makes some friends, and sees the wonders that she is missing out on in her secluded island home.

It is a fun little adventure and I think they managed to write teen Diana well. She is perhaps a bit too headstrong but mostly she is caring and won't stand for injustice. She sees the good in Man's World and wants to help bring the peace to it that her home has.


My biggest problem with it is the fact this isn't a weekly cartoon I can watch! Who think's teen Diana having adventures is a bad idea? People who kick puppies.

Forget Gotham, here is the fun backstory we need. You could even shoehorn in future baddies and heroes and I wouldn't mind!

I think something like this that is a bit lighter hearted, kind of similar to SBFF but longer and more plot mixed in, would be very well received. Plus it would help boost Wonder Woman's popularity among younger audiences who would probably be interested in reading/seeing more of her as they got older.


But alas, marketing to girls is terrible apparently.