Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Just a heads up. Because I know some of you have spent a lot of times playing V:TM the pen & paper version. Or attended any of the “by night” LARPs.

The first preludes set in the new World of Darkness games are out. The preludes are interactive stories ( choose-your-own-adventure style) you can play on your phone or computer by authors like Karin Tidbeck.


Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood. A twisted nighttime journey by writer-artists Zak Sabbath and Sarah Horrocks, told as an intimate messenger conversation where you make the big decisions.

Mage The Ascension: Refuge. Sweden, a small country on the edge of the world. A young woman awakens to Magick in the middle of the Syrian refugee crisis. Are these new arrivals friends or enemies? Bend reality to your will using tech or arcane mysteries.

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