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World of Warcraft's 10th Anniversary has Max level Molten Core, Corgis

This November, World of Warcraft celebrates a decade of being one of the biggest games on the planet - and it's celebrating with nostalgic style. Also CORGIS.

A new blog post on Battle.net has revealed a host of celebratory events in November that will echo historic events from both the PvE and PvP sides of vanilla WoW. Starting off on the PvE side, a new Max-Level version of one of the game's very first Raid Instances, the Molten Core: Home to the Fire Lord Ragnaros. For the first time since Raiding's switch to 25-man and 10-man formats many moons ago, 40 heroes of Azeroth will be able to venture into the Blackrock Mountains via the Looking For Raid matchmaker and lay waste to Ragnaros and his minions once more - and this time they'll be rewarded with a Core Hound mount, recently datamined from the Warlords of Draenor Beta Client:


You might want to bring some britches with Fire Resistance on them.

For nostalgic PvP-ers though, Blizzard are planning something just as special: A return of one of the most loved world PvP engagements of Vanilla Warcraft.

Before PvP battlegrounds existed in World of Warcraft, there was one location in Azeroth notorious for long, bitter wars between players of the Alliance and Horde: Hillsbrad Foothill. Home to Tarren Mill and Southshore, two small towns aligned with the Horde and Alliance respectively, that sat virtually opposite each other, the area became infamous for lag-inducing skirmishes between hundreds of opposing players, duking it out for control of the region (and the right to gank lowbie players, of course). Tarren Mill/Southshore PvP quickly died off with the rise of Battlegrounds, but a final nail in the coffin came with Cataclysm's revamp of Azeroth - Southshore now lies in ruins, no longer a safe haven for the Alliance in a largely Forsaken-dominated region.


But it's back! A new battleground will send players back to the Hillsbrad of old to fight out once more in a game of Team Deathmatch. And apparently it'll feature as a 100vs100 arena. Your computer is not ready.


Last but not least though, is perhaps the greatest treat of the anniversary.

You are not prepared.

Corgmourne hungers.

All will burn, beneath the shadow of his adorable little ears.

Why do we fight? For home, and Corgis!



All players logging in during the anniversary celebrations will receive the Molten Corgi, the most adorable and wonderful of all Battle Pets, as a thank you gift. #yassssssssssssssssssssss.


World of Warcraft turns ten this November.


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