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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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World Trade Center 'Mystery' Ship Found To Be At Least 240 Years Old

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The mystery ship in the image to your left has been found to be at least 240 years old. The remnants of the ship were discovered by construction workers back in 2010 whilst clearing out the area where the WTC once stood. Archaeologists began to excavate the ship shortly afterwards, and after sending pieces of the wood for testing, it was determined that the ship was built from trees cut down c. 1773. It was estimated, at the time of the discovery, to be between 60-70 feet long in its entirety.


The leader of the study, Dario Martin-Benito, stated "What makes the tree-ring patterns in a certain region look very similar, in general, is climate." The group that performed the study were able to deduce the origin of the trees used to build the ship by using the tree ring patterns, and comparing them to live samples. In doing so, the group narrowed down the region to Philadelphia and its immediate area. Of note, the wood matched samples taken from Independence Hall. It remains unclear how the ship ended up 22 feet below present street level. You can find photos of the wreck here.

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