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Worst. Crush. Ever. (Carmilla Web Series)

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Ok, before you even begin reading, hit play on the video below. It is the music to accompany this post.

Okay, great! So in 2014, Vervegirl TV launched Carmilla, a scripted web series based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella of the same name, via their Youtube channel. I stumbled upon it, like I do many other things, by clicking on a link and discovering a new website. No, not Youtube! The Rainbow Hub (check it out, LGBTQ+ geared with tons of posts on comics, movies, novels, etc.).


Carmilla is a funny, smart, and addictive take on the source material that is set in the present day.

The series is framed as a series of vlog entries by freshman Laura (Elise Bauman) as she navigates her new life at Silas University. When her roommate goes missing, Laura begins an investigation that uncovers just how weird and strange Silas U. can be. Along the way she gains a new roommate, Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis), who might just have a mysterious connection to Laura’s investigation.

Also, Carmilla is a vampire.


Along the way, Laura relies on her new friends at Silas U to help her in her investigation. A group which includes a Summer Society sister, a science major who is part of the Alchemy Club, a non-corporeal spirit living in a flash drive, a Zeta Omega Mu bro, and the order obsessed “Floor Don”.

Your Need to Document Everything Borders on the Psychotic

There is one thing that might turn folks off. The entire series (well, at least season 1, I still have to watch season 2) takes place in Laura and Carmilla’s dorm room. Each episode is recorded as a series of vlogs filmed from Laura’s computer. I thought that was going to be an issue for me but it wasn’t. Not. One. Bit. That is in no small part due to the great acting of Bauman, Negovanlis, and the rest of the cast.


Buckle Up Creampuff Because It’s Gonna Be a Long Night


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I just binged on season one, which took about 3 hours (with breaks!). Season 1 has a total of 36 episodes and season 2, which is currently airing, has 14. Each episode is about 4-5 minutes long. Some shorter, some longer. After the first couple of episodes, I knew I was in for the long haul of a viewing binge. Worry not though, each episode ends on a mini-cliffhanger. So even if you only watch one, two, or a handful at a time you will want to come back to Laura, Carmilla, and the weird world of Silas University.


Like the Sun Coming Up From the Underground…

It is obvious that the makers and actors of the show have a deep love of the various sources that inspired them to create this show.

According to writer/co-creator Jordan Hall, “I think of Carmilla as a love letter to Buffy and Veronica Mars and Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Welcome to Nightvale– and to so many other things I adore for their richness and humour and post-modern irony.”


The creators engage with and embrace their fandom whole heartedly.

The series has already amassed an army of devoted shippers for both the Laura/Danny and Laura/Carmilla pairings. FYI, the Carmilla fandom has nicknamed itself Creampuffs. Also, the Carmilla team is totally on board with its ships and actively engages with fans, and showcases their fan art. (emphasis mine)


Oh, and there is an abundance of queer characters, too!

Still not sure? Here’s the trailer.

Carmilla, Season 1

Carmilla, Season 2

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