Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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It's remarkable on its own that a promo piece for the Sherlock premiere is amongst the top-read articles on the BBC News site, but I think the real story is the gift of meme given unto us this day by The Batch himself:

Perhaps the only awkward moment during the screening was when writer Caitlin Moran, who chaired the Q&A, asked the leads to read out a piece of fan fiction, where fans write dialogue online for their favourite fictional characters.

This particular piece of writing featured the lead-up to an erotic scene between Sherlock and John, but it backfired somewhat as both actors looked awkward reading it out on stage.

Moran apologised profusely for asking them to do it, and Cumberbatch added: "Fans can do what they like but that [a love scene between them] is ludicrous in our universe, so sorry to be all 'eeurgh' but his nibs ain't doing that."


[Emphasis mine]

I wonder what was expected from a blind reading of fanfic...

And though the sound of hearts breaking could be heard throughout the kingdom, we can now glory in the mere imagining of BC uttering these instamemeable words...

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