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Would you like to look into the minds of nutjobs waiting for a game release?

Spoiler: Its not pretty. Watchdogs is being released outside the US, officially, on the 27th.

Ubisoft have, in a move breathtaking in irony considering their stance on DRM, have not bothered to put a time lock on the game.

If you have the digital key, via disk delivered or emailed early you can play the game, release date be damned.


this has caused a whole bunch of folk to completely wig out and are demanding 'things to be done' so that they too can play the game early.

Some digital distributors have handed out keys early anyway, some haven't, some folks are happy, to wait, some are absolutely furious and are actually cancelling their pre-orders and heading to their local store to pick up a copy at midnight! That's sticking it to them!

Ubisoft haven't exactly covered themselves in glory with this kind lazy handling but some folks in the gamer community are just plain embarrassing the rest of us.

If this had been delayed and you couldn't get it to work at the appointed date (sadly, not an unheard of event!) I could understand the frustration.


Right now though...wow.

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