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This is an idea I've had since people started talking about Spidey now being allowed in the MCU films. Would people watch a Marvel film of a brand new character? A character that was never in the comics and was created for the films who may also act as a stand in for a character they can't use.

It has been done before to a lesser extent on the DC side of media. The DCAU created many new characters such as Harley Quinn, Baby Doll, Galatea etc. But never have these characters been the stars of their own films (though that may change with the Suicide Squad).

But could you do an entire film based around a new character?

One idea I had was some what of a stand in for the Silver Surfer named Myriad who can fly, has metal liquid skin (think something like Baby from Dragon Ball GT) and can create weapons out of what hits him. For example, if you shot him with bullets, he can create himself knuckle dusters.


Myriad is created in an alien lab through combining genetics from all sentient life in the galaxy. When he is "born", he/she has the mentality of a child and is taught about the galaxy and how they are to be protected from themselves.

Years later, it is discovered that his/her purpose is to be Thanos chief law enforcer as well as his herald to rule the worlds with an iron fist. Myriad refuses this, steals one of the infinity stone and flees to the one planet he has the closest connection to, earth.

Would you watch a Marvel film of a brand new character or a new character that is a stand-in for another but is capable of being his/her own? Do you have any idea for new characters that should have their own films?

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