Last night I bought and downloaded Blood of Tyrants on to my tablet. I realized its the first book I've bought in almost 6 months, and the first book I've started reading in almost as much time.

Used to be I'd go to the Barnes and Noble near work every week or 2 and come out with an arm full of new books to devour. And then it closed down, and I bought a tablet because by that point there were no bookstores within an hour drive of me (no.... real bookstores, at least) and I could at least get digital copies.

And then I don't know. My book buying really slowed down to a crawl at that point.

I guess it really hasn't helped that all the book series I was reading have all been finished for a while now (except for Temeraire).

....Am I bad nerd? It's really the only thing I have going for me.