Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Writing or how I learned that words can hurt like a knife

Alot of people here on the Odeck are writers and some pretty good ones. I recently met the YA writer Maureen Johnson (who is the best person in the world to follow on twitter). She explained that characters are not supposed to go where you want them to go because they dont want to go there. If they wanted to go to this awkward place you would have no story. It was a revelation for me because I never really can never flesh out a character to make them real to anybody but myself. In my head they are awesome and a bit of a mary sue and boring. And they never wanna go anywhere.

After the signing, some other nerd girls and I started talking character development. One of them suggested I try this. Athat asks you every thing your character know does wears or speaks so that you know who they are before you start the journey with them I am trying to finish it while I work on a story in progress that I really like. I though I would share it with you guys.


rcharacter questionaire

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