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Writing Ruminations, Part I

Greetings, O-Deck! I got this book from the library called "Is Life Like This? A Guide to Writing Your First Novel in Six Months" by John Dufresne. I thought it would be a nice way to kick start my endeavors (which are not as cool or ambitious as endeavours) in authorship.

So far, the book has been effective with regard to my primary obstacle; it has made the task of writing less daunting, and more detail-oriented. That is to say, it has given me prompts and opportunities to focus on small recollections or brief imaginative exercises, which is exactly what I needed.


However, I was a bit stumped in one exercise, and I thought I would reach out to see what y'all thought. It asks me to think of the last five books I read, and my five favorite books. Then, for each of these ten titles, I am supposed to answer questions, such as what is the point of view, what is the time frame, et cetera. The question that stumped me, for my five favorite books, was: What is the book's most apparent weakness?

I just...couldn't think of weaknesses for my favorite books. (Duh, they're my favorite books! I think they're the BEST.) So, fellow O-Deckers, what are your five favorite books, and what are their most apparent weaknesses? Maybe this is easier for others and I'm just not willing to see the faults in otherwise wonderful, creative, imaginative tales of fiction.

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