Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

WTF you guys?!

How the hell did I totally miss the GotG trailer yesterday? And all the awesomeness involving it? I mean I completely forgot about it and not a single geeky person I know in real life (as few as I know IRL) even reminded me about it.

I mean seriously, I've been talking about this freaking movie and tearing through the comics again and again waiting for it and no one reminds me the trailer is out?!


(Random aside. That GIF has been saved to my phone solely for laugh purposes.)

After seeing the amazingly fucking awesome trailer though all I can say can be expressed in GIF form.

I am a child I know.

And yes, when I hopped on the Odeck this morning and saw and was reminded of what I missed, as soon as I saw the trailer I pulled a Colbert.


EDIT: Already requested opening day off just so I can see this movie as an early birthday present to myself. (Just over two weeks early gift.) Already got it approved too. Huzzah!

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