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Wynonna Earp Is Familiar Stuff In A New Wrapper

I seem to be the ODeck’s connoisseur of TV shows of questionable quality so I watched the premiere of Wynonna Earp on Syfy last night. As the trailer suggests it’s a bit Supernatural and a bit Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The title character is in many ways Buffy Winchester.

Spoilers below.

I haven’t read the source material so I have no idea how well it tracks. I’m judging the show simply on its own merits. If you have watched the two other shows I already mentioned or similar ones then you won’t really find anything new in Wynonna Earp. She’s a Special Person with a Special Weapon.


The show starts with Wynonna returning to her childhood home town of Purgatory after the death of her uncle. Her bus trip is interrupted when she ends up facing off with a demon who kills another passenger and mounts her head on a stake.

It turns out her uncle was killed in a similar manner to get her back in town for her twenty-seventh birthday, when the family curse fully kicks in. Wynonna is a descendent of the famous Wyatt Earp and can use his Colt pistol Peacemaker to destroy the demons, called revenants. It’s something that falls to the oldest child of the family.

Wynonna wasn’t the first born. She’s the middle one of three sisters but her older sister was taken and killed by revenants when they were children. Then when revenants came for her father she accidentally shot and killed him with the Colt. After that she tossed the Colt down a well, spend some time in a mental institution and left town. Wynonna’s younger sister Waverly stayed. (The oldest Earp sister was Willa. So the three were Willa, Wynonna and Waverly. Yeah.)

After Wynonna retrieves the Colt from the well we see a pair of hands with a distinctive ring on one finger emerge from the well. Later in Purgatory’s bar a man dressed like he stepped out of a Western with the same ring talks to Wynonna. He isn’t identified in this episode but he’s supposed to be Doc Holliday.

The Colt gets glowy when shooting at a revenant

Wynona doesn’t seem too proficient with the Colt except at the end of the episode when she’s targeting a revenant and the Peacemaker’s mystical ability kicks in.

There are markings inside the barrel too.

There is also a Deputy U.S. Marshal in Town. Deputy Dolls is in the Black Badge branch of the Marshals that deals with unusual (and classified) stuff. He blackmails Wynonna into working with him to get rid of the revenants.


Waverly Earp rounds out the team for the moment. Where her big sister Wynonna was reluctant to get involved with the family legacy Waverly is eager to go after the revenants and end the curse.

A few things are set up for the season. The Earp curse isn’t fully explained yet. What’s the deal with Doc Holliday? There are a finite number of revenants in Purgatory. I assume the show will stay in the town for this season but the Black Badge Marshals must operate other places as well.


Like I wrote above Wynonna Earp isn’t breaking any new ground. But it’s not the worst way to spend an hour.

Did you watch it? What do you think?

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