I have to admit, I'm totally not up to date when it comes to these guys and gals, but back in the day when I was...the X-Men were my jam. No points for guessing which one.

But which story do I want to tease? After long deliberation, I pick LifeDeath, which picks up after Forge, who can make any machine, created a de-powering gun intended for use on Rogue, but which hits Storm instead.

Lifedeath. Uncanny X-Men #186


Storm is finally roused from her suicidal state at the loss of her powers, and starts to grow closer and closer to Forge.

It's a very quiet story, but the price is...there's a price.

Barry Windsor Smith draws the hell out of this, and Claremont is at his emotional best.


What X-Men stories stand out for you? Any variant?