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X-Men: DOFP Thoughts

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Wow, that was actually pretty good. Like, really good, with maybe one or two "hunh?" moments. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, do stick around for the post-credits sequence. You should stop reading here, though. Go see it, it's fun.


(Vintage house ad for the original "Days of Future Past" storyline, circa early 1981.)

Just a few quick observations (with SPOILERS):

  • Remember how everyone thought that Quicksilver would be the worst thing about the movie? Instead, he was great. I really wish he'd had more screen time, but I guess he'll be back for Age of Apocalypse.
  • Bullet time 2.0. That's probably the best portrayal of superspeed I've seen onscreen. I seriously doubt that Warners will ever get around to a big budget Flash movie (and I'm sure Goyer or whoever they get to make it will fuck it up badly with "hard science" rationalizations and grungey darkness) but depicting it subjectively, rather than just showing a vaguely humanoid blur rushing around, was really well-done. I'm guessing Aaron Taylor-Johnson's powers in Age of Ultron will be completely different.
  • So what happened to Last Stand? IIRC, the flashback/-forward of Logan mercy-killing Jean was from that movie, but Xavier's presence in the future in his own body suggests a different outcome. I guess we're to assume that in the altered timeline, there was a better third movie in which Jean still died but a lot of stupid shit didn't happen.
  • Nice seeing Marsden, Paquin, and Janssen in their old roles again, even if it was only for a few fleeting moments. I've never really been a huge fan of the movie series but that ending was quite moving. And yes, that was Kelsey Grammer as Future Beast. Halle Berry has nothing to do as Storm, as always.
  • Since the next movie will be set partially in the '80s, I assume we haven't seen the last of MacAvoy, Fassbender, and Lawrence, which is a good thing. Presumably the '80s stuff will fill in the years during which Xavier reopened and expanded his academy, with or without Magneto's help, and we'll probably see teenage versions of Scott and Jean. I imagine they might use some of the First Class comics material, plus the AoA stuff (with which I'm not super-familiar, since I stopped reading mainstream comics for most of the '90s).
  • And I guess we're to assume that Logan and Raven became a thing during this time? (And what happened to Stryker? Is the Alkali Lake timeline gone too? Does Wolverine have adamantium in his body in the new future timeline, or is he "Pure West"?)
  • Presumably Dinklage will return as Trask as well. It seemed like he didn't get a fair comeuppance.
  • The '70s Sentinel design had a nice old-school flavor, down to the vintage Battlestar Galactica font on the signage.
  • Has anybody else noticed that "Trask" is an anagram of "Stark"? Mind BLOWN.
  • Did anybody spot X-Men creators Chris Claremont and Len Wein as congressmen in the hearing scene?
  • I'm not really sure why they gave Kitty the powers to send people back in time when they could have easily created a Rachel substitute, but it was nice to see Ellen Page again — she was the best thing about Last Stand.
  • The only thing I had a big problem with — and granted, there's probably a lot more silly stuff in the comics to begin with — was the notion that Magneto was able to override the Sentinels' programming by blending in the steel from the railroad tracks. I'm sure there were a couple of other things but that really stood out for me as a "Da fuh?" moment.

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