The Mutant Dilemma in Marvel Comics has evolved over the years but has never strayed far from its course. Mutants are Different, and ordinary humans hate them. In X-Men Gold’s latest issue, Kitty Pryde finally asks someone why.

Since they first appeared in 1963, mutants have been targets for the bigotry that people face in real life every day. People of different races. People of different faiths. People of different sexual orientation or identity. Mutants were created to give us a people we could identify with when we felt persecuted for being different.

The severity of the Mutant Dilemma has varied, over the years. Humans weren’t always chasing after mutants with pitchforks and torches, but pro-mutant humans were few and far between.


In real life, the voice of Bigotry has only gotten louder in recent years. Entertaining as it is to watch a Nazi get punched in the face, it only hints at the terrifying problem: Bigotry is alive and well in America.

And then there’s Kitty Pryde. A woman who’s never backed away from a challenge, a woman who’s made the hard choices and some big sacrifices. She sees the opportunity to talk with a woman that hates mutants, and she seizes it.


Kitty Pryde looks her in the eye and just asks the hard question. These may be my favorite comic book panels for all of 2017.

I only wish I had the courage of a comic book hero to ask real human people that same question.