Lego brought a huge amount of 2014 sets to New York Toyfair this week, from Star Wars to The Lego Movie to The Ghostbusters, but perhaps the most exciting of all is Ororo Munroe's first ever minifigure in the new X-Men vs. Sentinel set.

The whole set looks neat enough, if at little pricey at $50 for 336 pieces - but the real star of the show is Storm's minifigure, which is included in the set alongside Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto:

She even has lightning to shoot out of her hands! But just look at that cape piece, a whole new cut designed specifically for Storm so it actually recreates the look of it being attached to her wrists:


Brilliant. She could really have done with her headband to finish it off, but perhaps more than makes up for it with her alternative face:

The elements marshal their infinite might at my beckoning! Power seethes in the rolling clouds! Now, at my command - STRIKE!


X-Men v.s The Sentinel will hit stores this June. For more pictures of the set, as well as the rest of Lego's displays at New York Toy Fair 2014, check out the coverage on FBTB at the link below.